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About the parish


The Parish Council serves approximately 2,500 residents in 1,000 homes in and around the villages and areas of Wheaton Aston, Lapley, Stretton and Ivetsey Bank, including properties along the A5.

The Parish Council, on behalf of its residents, owns and manages three play areas, Lapley Green, Badgers’ End, Leeke Way and the village car park in Wheaton Aston.  The traditional black and white fingerposts, seen around the parish are also maintained by the Parish Council.

The Parish Council provides the Christmas Lights in Wheaton Aston, tree lights in Lapley and organises the switching on of the lights in Wheaton Aston, which has become an annual event that the whole community looks forward to and takes part in. It aims to hold a Civic Sunday once a year to welcome dignitaries of other local authorities and to recognise the work of our Councillors and other volunteers in the parish.

Grants are made to assist local community groups and charities who serve our residents and the council supports the interests of all residents by responding to consultations on planning applications as well as local plans and strategies that may affect our area.

The Parish Council liaises with other Parishes as well as South Staffordshire District Council, Staffordshire County Council and other organisations such as the Police in order to raise the profile of our parish and to promote the interests of our residents.

Parish Councillors are elected every four years. The role is a voluntary one, our councillors receive neither payment nor expenses of any kind.

The Parish Clerk represents the council locally and nationally at the Staffordshire Parish Councils Association and the Society of Local Council Clerks to ensure that the council is operating in accordance with the latest legislation and striving for best practise.

The Parish Council is very grateful to Ray Cowley for providing the photos used in this site.