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Council staff

Lapley, Stretton & Wheaton Aston Parish Council is supported by a Parish Clerk who supervises a Village Orderly, Gate Keeper, two Litter Pickers and a team of volunteers.

The role of the Parish Clerk is to provide administrative support to the council, give professional guidance, advise the council on whether decisions are lawful and suggest ways in which decisions can be implemented. Our Manager is also the council’s Responsible Financial Officer.

The Clerk has a responsibility to carry out the actions of the council. The council delegates responsibility to the clerk to make decisions and incur expenditure on behalf of the council.

The Clerk also has responsibility to provide regular financial information to the council, ensure that payments are made promptly and that VAT returns are made on time.

The Village Orderly carries out safety inspections of play equipment, litter picks the villages, and sees to the minor jobs that make a big difference to our parish.

Our Litter Pickers clear up Primrose Bank Play Area and Marston Road Playing Field several times a week and our Gate Keeper opens and closes Broadholes Lane Nature Garden throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Our staff