Proposed speed limit change consultation for Ivetsey Rd, Bellhurst Lane and Lapley Rd

As part of the Council’s Divisional Highway Programme, Staffordshire County Council working in partnership with Amey, have been commissioned to change the speed limit from national speed limit 60mph to 40mph

  • Ivetsey Road – from the junction of Ivetsey Road, Wheaton Aston with the A5 up to the 30mph as you enter Wheaton Aston village
  • Bellhurst Lane
  • Lapley Road – from the location of the existing 30mph and national speed limit 60mph on Lapley Road until 30m from the junction with Roman Road

The scheme aim is to slow the traffic down and provide a safer environment for the local community.


The following  link  will give you an opportunity to register your comments on these proposals:

When filling the form please use the following unique references

  • Scheme Reference CDT6625 -2109 and
  • Scheme Location Ivetsey Road, Wheaton Aston

Please  complete the online questionnaire by Friday, 16 September 2022.